"Eye-catching designs are hidden in the subtle details."


As the Sotec Media team, we started working in 2013.
We have always aimed for creative solutions and 100% customer satisfaction.

As a company, we have been developing websites, automation software, and mobile application projects for 10 years. We constantly strive to create simple yet innovative projects. While we appreciate classic ideas, we have no interest in outdated technologies.

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We make our designs compatible with current technology, scalable, and especially tailored to our customers' customers. If you win, we win too. We prefer to be transparent and straightforward. Our unwavering first rule is 100% customer satisfaction.



Original and innovative design.
Solutions tailored to your needs.
Admin panel and up-to-date technology.

You should think of your website as the storefront of your brand. For example, opening a store and leaving the storefront empty wouldn't be a good idea, especially since people now spend a lot of time browsing websites instead of physical storefronts.

The right audience, the right advertisement.
Effective use of social media.
Increase your customer potential.

Did you know that at least one out of every five posts seen by users on social media contains advertisements? Do you know how recognized your brand is? Even survey companies today collect data online. To grow your brand and conduct market research, you should prioritize digital marketing.

With our expert digital marketing team, we implement all the latest methods to increase your sales. In addition to managing Meta and Google advertising accounts, we offer you a 360° digital marketing service, including SEO and PPC advertising management on various marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Original Designs
Corporate Identity Work

All design work required for the promotion of your brand in both physical and digital mediums is carried out by our expert designers. We have a wide range of design projects including logos, invoices and various printed materials, business cards, and more.

Native coding for both Android and iOS platforms
SEO work for mobile platforms

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, being present on mobile platforms provides an advantage for every brand. By publishing custom mobile applications for your company on Google Play and the App Store, you can not only generate revenue but also expand your promotional reach.

Web-based automation systems
Café and buffet automations
Hotel automations

We develop automations that can work on multiple platforms in different programming languages according to your needs. By managing your website, web software, and mobile application from a single point with a single user, you can have better control over your entire business network.

Project Flow


1. Plan

Planning and analysis work to determine the needs of your brand.


2. Design and Coding.

The beginning of the project, which combines the requirements of your brand with your requests.


3. Publishing and Testing.

After the project is completed, it is released with a beta version for testing. Additional requests and deficiencies are addressed during this phase.